Coach Bio - Kimberly Moisan

Assist. Coach - 14-2 Green


Kimberly Moisan volleyball coach

This is Kimberly’s second year coaching with PVC. As our 12-Orange coach last year, she was able to raise the level of play eventually climbing 10 regional seeds from the beginning of the season. This higher seed qualified 12-Orange for Regionals which was an unexpected but positive addition to the tournament schedule.

She is enthusiastic and fully prepared to help guide 14-Green to a successful year this upcoming season.

She has coached freshman volleyball teams at McNary High School for four seasons. Kimberly also attended McNary High School and was a three-year varsity player before she moved to Germany. As a teacher and coach at McNary, Kimberly places emphasis on the importance of goal setting and building foundational skills to prepare for future success.