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All details about Tryouts are HERE.

Yes! See our schedule HERE.

Parent meetings for different age groups will occur on the same night at the respective age group's Open Gyms.

USA Volleyball governs club volleyball so their Age Chart determines age eligibility.

Watch this quick video explaining how to use this chart and determine the age level you will try out for.

Like many clubs in our USA Volleyball region (Oregon & Southern WA) we have teams for the following age groups: 18U, 16U, 14U, and 12U. Some clubs have other age-level teams such as 11U, 13U, 15U, or 17U but we do not field these teams.

The "U" stands for "under" so usually a 13-year-old would play for our 14U team. However "technically" this same athlete could play for 16U since that team is for athletes 16 and "under." Obviously, this athlete would need to be an exceptional volleyball player to play with high school-age players.

With the occasional exceptions, our teams have the following grades.

  • 12U - 5th & 6th grades
  • 14U - 7th & 8th grades
  • 16U - 9th & 10th grades
  • 18U - 11th & 12th grades

Watch the following quick video to help you determine the team you should try out for. Watch the video HERE.

Most teams practice in the West Linn area using elementary, middle, and high school gyms. Typical school gyms include Athey Creek Middle School and Stafford Primary School. Some teams also practice at a private gym located in West Linn.

Our teams practice twice a week. Most teams will practice once on Sunday afternoon with a second practice on a weeknight such as Wed or Thur.

Yes, we have Open Gyms on our schedule HERE.

Open Gyms are free to attend. No registration is required. Simply show up for the age group you qualify for.

We do not offer clinics at this time.

Open gyms are "open." They are free and no pre-registration is required.

Just simply show up for your age group.

See our Open Gyms schedule HERE.

There will be a non-refundable deposit payable on the day of tryouts.

Go to our Club Dues page to download our Club Dues (fees) document.

The tournament/travel schedule is posted on each team's Team Page.

Here are the direct links to individual PVC team pages that list the tournaments.

All teams typically practice 2 times per week, weather permitting. Our top competitive teams will have additional practices scheduled throughout the season before designated “high-visibility-tournaments."

Teams generally consist of 10-12 players depending on tryout size. Level of experience and physical maturity can be determining factors, especially for 12-1 Pink. We occasionally have 13 or 14 players on some teams.

A tryout is an assessment of an athlete's ability and skill level, as well as how they learn from instruction and how well they play with others. PVC will hold one tryout session for each age division. PVC is looking to field one or two 12U teams, one 14U team, two 16U teams, and one 18U team. Team offers are made at tryouts, and we expect to complete our team rosters at that time. More about Tryouts...

PVC teams attend on average 2 tournaments per month during the competitive season beginning with the month of January. Tournaments can be one, two, or three days in length.  They are held on Saturdays, Sundays, and/or over three-day holiday weekends.  All teams play in a minimum of 1 local tournament per month with higher-level teams participating in a number of travel tournaments throughout the Northwest and across the US. Teams may also participate in national-level tournaments in June contingent on meeting certain qualifying standards.

Here are the direct links to individual PVC team pages that list the tournaments.

Club volleyball begins at the completion of the high school volleyball season in November and continues through May or June. It is an opportunity to play volleyball outside of high school, middle school or "rec" seasons. Families pay to join a club that arranges for team practices, coaches, uniforms, etc. Teams play against other clubs in tournaments. Each club determines its teams' tournament and travel schedules. You can view our tournament schedules by team on this website. PVC teams are chosen via tryouts.

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